Special Session

The Western Fish Disease Workshop will feature a special session with a clinical emphasis focusing on when and how to best employ antimicrobial therapy and alternative ways to prevent and treat disease. The special session will conclude with a panel of experts answering audience questions about topics raised in the session.

Special Session Presentations

Wednesday, June 21

3:45PM – Vaccinating Fish: Reasons to do it and reasons not to – Hugh Mitchell
4:00PM – Functional Dietary Supplements to Support Fish Health Challenges – Paula Galloway
4:15PM – Utilization of Sargassum Extracts as Immunostimulant for Rainbow Trout: Effects of Route Administration on Growth and Immune Response – Francis Baleta
4:30PM – Immune Stimulants in Fish – Catherine Hadfield

Thursday, June 22

11:15AM – Twenty Years of Disk-Diffusion Testing Indicates No Meaningful Loss of Antibiotic Sensitivity for Multiple Pathogens Isolated from IDFG-Operated Hatcheries – Michelle Jakaitis
11:30AM – Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing: Background and Special Considerations in Aquaculture – Claire Miller
11:45AM – Hatchery-Based Trials of Feed Supplemented with NaF for BKD Prevention – Martin Chen
1:00PM – Probiotics in Aquaculture: Development of a Probiotic to Reduce Coldwater Disease-Associated Mortality – David Burbank
1:15PM – Development of Vaccines Against Piscine Francisellosis – Esteban Soto
1:30PM – The Fight Against Infectious Diseases: Some Factors Influencing Antibiotic Treatment Success or Failure – Tim Kniffen

Thursday Afternoon Expert Panelists

Dave Erdahl, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Katie Haman, Syndel USA
Tim Kniffen, Merck Animal Health
Sonia Mumford, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Doug Munson, ID Dept. of Fish and Game
Esteban Soto, University of California-Davis
Jim Winton, Western Fisheries Research Center

Workshop attendees are encouraged to submit questions for the panel in advance at the following link: